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Cloud Solutions Want to customize the cloud in your business?

Cloud Solutions provides your business with a cost-effective, reliable and secure online platform that enables your business

Every business can benefit from the power, economy and flexibility of applications based on cloud. We cover every key business process from sales, marketing and customer service to resource planning and human resources.

Vertical Solutions personalized vertical software solutions

We provide personalized vertical software solutions that adapt perfectly to the needs and requirements of all professional sectors covers the following professions.

  1. Workshop
  2. Yacht management
  3. Gas Stations
  4. Parking
  5. Hairdressers - Beauty Salons
  6. Transportation Companies
  7. Clothing - Footwear
  8. Book and Paper Shops
  9. Liquor Stores
  10. Health Clubs
  11. Hotels
  12. Travel Agencies

We offer specialized vertical ERP solutions and CRM, covering the specific business requirements of these sectors while adding additional advantages and possibilities

Digital Marketing promote websites in search engines

The online marketing is vital for the existence of online business. Increasing the percentage of Internet users who use search engines to find products or services.

We cover needs in the most modern field of digital media, which are an integral part of the functioning of business marketing, as Strategic Marketing, Online Marketing

We provide comprehensive services Optimization in search engines (SEO), sure to find the website of the online store or portal, through search engines.
These tasks include among others:

  • Development SEO Strategy
  • Guidelines. Web design "friendly" to the search engines (SEO friendly)
  • Create internal links
  • Research and keyword analysis, concerning your service or products
  • Optimize multimedia files
  • Integration with social networks

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Page Indexing
  • Submission to search engines and directories
  • Create and exchange links (links)
  • Utilization of social networks
  • Backlinks

Mobile APP Development Need an app for mobile device and need directly?

Our team is ready to help you get started!
Mobile phones and smart devices (eg phones, tablets, PDAs and pads) can no longer be tools that will be used for the operation and development of the company from anywhere in the network coverage. We have the experience to develop, applications and solutions for mobile phones and smart devices.

Mobile Solutions

Ανάπτυξη Εφαρμογών Διαδικτύου develop reliable applications that suit your needs

We offer services made according to your needs, which include the development of electronic commerce (eshop), web design (web page) and the development of content management system (CMS), using the latest platforms and development tools.

We study, design, development and support of any web kinds.

We use advanced technologies such as Java / JSP / JEE, MySql, PHP, Apache, XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, etc. develop modern electronic services (web services).

We provide innovative development solutions for companies of any size

Products and services price list indicatively:


commercial & accounting

200,00 Annually
  • - Integrated Systems of commercial
  • and financial management, monitoring systems
  • payroll for businesses
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Web Applications

350,00 starts from
  • - Website Development
  • - Portals Development (B2B, B2C...)
  • - Creation of online store (e-shop)
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Technical Support

20,00 cost per hour
  • - by phone
  • - predetermined
  • - remotely
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cloud solutions

30,00 Monthly fee
  • - Cloud ERP
  • - Jupitee
  • - Office 365
  • - Cloud Sales
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Portable Applications

500,00 on request
  • - adapted lists
  • - Application development for mobile devices
  • - Mobile CRM & marketing
  • - Retail Systems
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supply of equipment

70,00 special prices for
  • - hardware &
  • Equipment peripheral
  • - security systems
  • - Manage Backup & Data Recovery
  • - Headunits, storage means & networks
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